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cold shot

brock ratcliff

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I shot two arrows today. One from 25, one from 15. I haven't shot the last couple days. I drew the bow to anchor, double-clutched like a trucker, settled back into my anchor and launched a beautiful arrow. That's something I would NOT have done if I were shooting a pile of arrows. Knowing I was shooting just one for this thread made me make the first one count. The second arrow was from closer range and I shot it smoothly. Less is apparently more in regards to practice for me.
Licking Co.
I didn't do a cold shot this morning. went straight to the bag target and from 8 steps did a little eyes closed/feel my anchor and back tension workout.

your double clutch reminds me of a funny moment we had shooting Saturday. near the end of the second course we shot we had a big black pig target that you had to shoot through an upright football shaped and sized hole between two small trees about 6 or 7 yards in front of the target . shot was about 20 yards from the stake. you could pussy out and lean a little to shoot to either side of the hole, but I decided it was time to blow up an arrow. The Goof tried to talk me out of it, but since the biggest blockhead on the planet besides him is me, I refused to wuss out. I did the worst double clutch ever, but somehow managed to keep my composure and yanked her back into my anchor nice and solid and pinwheeled that pig. I turned around with a sardonic grin on my face and Goof quickly pointed out that I did a horrific double clutch, as if I were unaware of what just happened. I said "yea, but.." and pointed toward my arrow in the 12 ring. he started to speak again and I interrupted him saying very loudly "YEA, BUT..." and pointed to my arrow in the 12 ring again. he just shook his head and waved me off of the stake and out of his way. worst shot I made all day was also the best one. The Goof, not to be outdone by the likes of me, went ahead and shot through the hole, too. he barely made it through the hole, and was an inch shy of shooting over the back.
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Would have been better staying home today. All my shots out of the stand are high. Not sure what the deal is. Maybe small stand platform never feel quite comfortable shooting out of it. Who knows. Will try again tomorrow.


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Looking good Brian!

My shooting has been pretty lackluster lately. It seems my first 2 shots are always the best, then I get inconsistent. I don't know what this issue is... my form breaking down or my head breaking down. Or both.