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Custom turkey strikers

Christmas in June

I got a package from tusky river today. I am very happy it is a double call and both sides have their own distinct sound. The slate makes a very low key yelp and purrs so softly it is amazing.
The glass side is crisp and snappy, really cuts great.
The stricker is a piece of art and is my first flair tip

Thanks Chad
I will be driving the dogs crazy today

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Yeah, sound has nothing to do with it
I wouldn't pretend to know about that buddy. But my eye does catch symmetry.

For example, this call someone made. Notice how the turkey foot and holes aren't in alignment. It wouldn't have been that hard or changed the sound for him to turn his hole jig a bit to make them line up symmetrical.

Then here are some other calls that guys made that do line up beautifully. You can tell they made sure the sound holes and wording complemented the calls wood beauty and didn't detract from it. Except for the first goobers signature. Lol.


Crystal Mistress(2).JPG

Our eyes naturally notice differences and are drawn to either one or the other instead of seeing harmony. This is why we notice people with unusually big ears, a big nose, or if one eye is smaller of offset from the other. The vast majority of models that you see naturally have very symmetrical faces on the left and right side. Actors and such. One theory is they all pretty much have symmetrical faces and features so our eyes see their face as a whole instead of focusing on a single off feature.