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Custom turkey strikers


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Stark County
Had a good day on slingin' strikers! Yesterday morning I took another trip to keim lumber to get a snakewood blank for a guy from North Carolina, ended up picking up a nice jatoba board and a couple sanding belts also. Turns out this guy didn't realize how expensive snakewood is and backed out on the order, not gonna lie, I was pissed. Oh well, ended up selling it to a NWTF regional director from Virginia today so fugg him. Sold a dymondwood yesterday to a guy from Illinois, and then today he got a hold of me again after seeing a jatoba I had posted on Facebook. He ordered a jatoba, ipe, and purple heart. The jatoba I had posted got sold to a guy from Virginia, along with a katalox. Currently awaiting a response on a Padauk striker I have posted on a couple Facebook turkey pages. Been a good day, and I think it's the most I've ever sold in a single day.