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Doggone good dog thread


Somebody got their big boy bed 🤭😁


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Davie County, NC
Well. Milo had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago. His left eye went good but his right eye got an ulcer. May have been caused by stitches which they removed yesterday. He has to wear a shield for 2 more weeks and take some drops. Hopefully that fixes it. They also put a contact in that eye which makes it look really bad. View attachment 120827
Here’s hoping Milo has a full recovery.... 👍🏼

Big H

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I copied Kristi’s post she made on FB this morning.

Boykins are amazing! My daughter lost her AirPod pro’s in the snow in the back yard. We think they were probably hit by the plow truck. We currently have 12”-18” in areas back there! Our adult Boykin proudly brought us one of the ear pieces she found! We Showed it to our 4 month old puppy and let her sniff it and pretended to throw it out in the yard. Both of them went in search of but came back with nothing until later that day when our puppy !proudly dropped the charging case at my feet lol. Later that evening she brought me in the other ear piece. They never cease to amaze me!!! Such an incredible breed


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We have friends fostering this dog. They said he is a black mouth cur. The Mrs has fallen in love with him. As I recall they aren't real bad barkers. Eager to please. This one seems very treat driven. I'm thinking they are generally seen as a "utility" type dog. Good pet. Protective instinct. Easily trained. Am I correct or missing something? Thoughts? I sort of wanted another boxer, but I am considering. Maybe @Archertl would chime in?