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Doggone good dog thread

@hickslawns It very well could be; he looks like one. Rescues and shelters normally like to label dogs as being at least part something. Tan pitt bull mixes look at lot like curs. Cur outside of the hunting community is another word for mutt anyway. Inside the hunting community curs are general purpose hunting working dogs going back to the frontier days. Frontier people took the breeds of dogs they immigrated with and bred them to their needs on the frontier. In the lineage of most cur dogs you will find the blood of french beauceron, english hounds, welsh lurcher, native american dogs, spanish breeds, irish pit bulls, german bird dogs and more. Pretty much every region of the country has their own version of the cur dog. There are probably 20 different breeds of curs in North America. Plott hounds were called plott curs until they became a AKC breed 25 years ago. Same with leopard curs becoming leopard hounds more recently.

Black mouth curs is the Alabama Arkansas and Mississippi region version of the cur dog. BMC trend to be pretty quite unless there is something to bark about. The inside of their mouths tend to be black. They should have good hot noses and be good tracking dogs. Traditionally they were used to tree, track, gather stock and gaurd the homestead. They make pretty good watch dogs as they are very alert and will let you know if they see somthing out of the ordinary. They also put on a good show of force if a stranger is on your property but probably won't actually bite someone unless you bite trained them. I owed two and have been around plenty of others to say they work as advertised. Both my dogs were from ladner lines. When my catahoula cur Lacey passes on I will probably get another BMC.

As for this individual dog test his nose and see how he tracks. If you like him keep him. He is plenty young enough to learn a job. Happily call it a BMC if you like.

When I was younger I was more apt to say "this breed of dog should do this; that breed of dog should do that." After dealing with lots of dogs and training dogs to herd and track for other people my opinion has changed some. Also have had foster dogs of my own. i have come to general conclusion that all breeds of dogs are pretty much dogs. As long as an individual dog has prey drive, a nose, some intelligence and are stuborn you can train them to do some kind of work. Some breeds are no doubt more naturally suited to some work than others. i think you would be surprised by what you can get a dog to do if you work with them.

When i was in NZ the border police were using kelpie's (a herding breed) as nose work dogs at the airport. Those kelpies were doing a fine job as nose work dogs. I recently met a guy who lives in the John Day area that has a gsp that herds sheep equally well as most ranch border collies. On the weekends he hunts upland birds and does pretty good at that too. I have seen a doberman used to flush pheasants and mountain grouse. My most recent foster dog was a border collie that could have easily been trained to become a champion herding trial dog. I would have kept him myself if I didnt already have three dogs. I couldnt find that border collie a herding home, so now he works for the WA Dept of Ecologly as a nose work dog detecting endangered insects. I know a little female pit bull that earned an AHBA Working Trial Champion title too.
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agree that it surely could be a BMC. My buddy Dean's first squirrel dog was a BMC, and was a decent tree dog. That's the only one I've ever hunted with. she was an obedient, smart dog and a good watchdog. similar pale tan color to your pics. One thing is for sure, Cur dogs in general are eager to please their master. unlike most hounds, which are mostly eager to please themselves.


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Wasn't meant to be. They've had the dog quite a while. Maybe a month. We see it last night. Wife decides to fill out adoption application. Someone else adopted the dog this morning.

When the right dog comes along, we will have another dog.
I was trying to train him to retrieve so I would throw the dummy (not him the retriever tool) into the water. He would retrieve it with gusto on land, but in the water? He would walk over to the edge and then sit down and look at me as if to say, "If you wanted it so bad why'd ya throw it out there?" Now if it floated back he might tip toe in a little ways but that was it...

The neighbor kid kicked his ball up on the roof of our house, which was a Cape Cod, with a fairly steep roof and the ball got stuck behind the chimney. So I get the ladder out and climb up to get it. As I am getting the ball i feel a cold wet nose on the back of my thigh and about jumped off the roof! Here my dog had followed me up the ladder on to the roof and now I had to carry him down as well...

I came out one morning to go hunting and found he had somehow slipped his choke chain and ran all night! Of course it was garbage night and I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up every houses opened garbage bags as all my neighbors headed off to work... Thanks Remington!

Our street was a terraced hill and each lot was flat but had a bank above and below it. One Sunday afternoon the next door neighbor below us, a Baptist Minister, his wife, a local Doctor and his wife were pulling in from a post service lunch and still in their Sunday best. Remington had been loose all morning and was down the street so I yelled to him and he came a running. The women were in the back seat and both opened their doors as he ran up straight through the back seat ran straight up to me and sits down like a well trained dog... He literally flew in one door and out the other right across their lap's!!
I don't even think he touched them!!

My buddy asked me to go pheasant hunting with him and his very expensive pointer. It was his idea to have me bring my dog as he wanted his dog to get used to hunting with another dog. So out we go! My dog is simply running around with no clue of course and his dog is performing pretty well. We get to one spot and I open the door and out flies my dog on a dead run down through the field out of sight. Next we hear a loud commotion with yips etc. so I run down there and see nothing but white feathers everywhere and my dog standing over what appears to be a dead chicken... I pull my dog off and kick the chicken over and it gets up and runs off toward the farm house with almost no feathers from the wings back. That was a fun explanation to the land owner. He was good and said, go ahead and hunt anyways. So off we go and my dog points a bird flushes it I shoot it, he retrieves it and brings it straight to me and puts it in my hand! The trouble my friend's pointer was having was in giving up the bird or not dropping it on the ground! LOL Incidentally, that was the only time EVER before or after that my dog even appeared to be a hunting dog...

I have more stories of this dog also.
That dog of mine disappeared one day and I never found him again. He was 10 yeas old at the time. I love dags but he broke me of owning one since. I realized I didn't have enough time for another dog. My friends have hunting dogs and I have the places to hunt, so it works out for us. When we hunt I buy the gas and lunch and occasionally drop off bags of treats and feed. They take care of the animals.

I had a fish fry once and my brother was in charge of cleaning up the frying area. As he was doing that he somehow kicked out the leg of the folding table and splashed some oil from the fryer on to the insulation of the wall of the mud room project. That night Remington ate the insulation that got oil soaked and in the morning had a pink beard. I'm telling you he ate a piece that was 16" by over a foot and 3" thick. I took him to the vet, who knew him well and he said, "Well I can operate now. wait till he has a blockage or wait to see if he passes it all. But knowing this dog, I don't think he will miss a beat!" That dog crapped pink for the better part of a week and like Doc said never missed a beat.

One Easter Sunday after finding their baskets we all went to church. We put the nephew's and niece's baskets on top of the refrigerator so the dog wouldn't bother them. When we came home there were 4 empty baskets on the kitchen floor! He had jumped op on the counter, went across the stove and somehow gotten on top of the fridge and got the baskets. He ate as much as he could then hid the rest all over the house. We found stuff in the chairs in the couch in the beds under furniture...everywhere!! About a week after the incident he brought me a half eaten chocolate bunny we had missed as a peace offering...

We were having a burping contest at the kitchen table and grandma said the next one to burp gets this cast iron skillet over the head. Of course the dog was sitting right next to her as she was the one with the food and don't you know that dog let out a big burp right next to her! We were all stunned then busted out laughing at her expression and reaction.

After the Easter fiasco it was determined that Remington was an outdoor dog so I built him a doghouse and run area where he was chained. To be honest I didn't miss him pushing me out of the bed every night as he kept laying up against me. Well one late spring I look out and he is laying out there with his front legs crossed and staring down through the fence at something in the grass on the other side. I look out again later and he is still doing it. Perfectly at ease just laying there and looking. So I go out to see what he is doing and here a rabbit had made a nest and she had several little ones just enjoying themselves pretty much under my dog's nose! Some hunting dog! He was a retriever all right...a dog dish retriever! I miss him and that was over 30 years ago!


Fate smiled upon us one year ago today when this little black bundle of bliss made his entrance on this terrestrial plain 😁. It’s been an absolute joy watching him grow into a proper canine citizen. Happy birthday Jax 😬


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Oakley will be available for anyone looking for a house trained dog. Listens for the most part and knows commands. Full papers and still has his grapes. PM for details

Trainable, food driven, loves other dogs.