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Doggone good dog thread

Had to say goodbye to my little buddy of nearly 14 years today. I’ll spare the details but he deteriorated quickly since Saturday and it was the only humane and ethical decision to be made. The wife took him in to the emergency vet and I left work to be with them for his final hour. The whole process was kind and comforting and I can’t think of any other way I’d want him to go. But my God, this sucks. I’m gonna miss you, Nacho. Godspeed


Village idiot and local whore
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In a bar
Uh, you were gonna kill that guy at the time 🤬 😂
For not telling us! Just left the damn dog lay in the driveway. Had it not been hot, Maddy would’ve found her in the driveway. But my wife went to pick them up in the car and found her. How do you hit someone’s dog on their own property and just leave? Marks in the grass, so I’d say he hit her on the drive in. Wife was home, he just dropped the box and left. No nock, nothing.

Coming back to you now? 😂