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Doggone good dog thread


Ragin Cajun.
Probably didn’t know Dave.

I have a good friend, we used to coach together. I was at the camp and he had the boys at his house. Drove up the driveway slowly and was gonna park on the left. My 3 year old lab knew the truck and somehow she ran around the truck catching her head underneath the front tire killing her. Wasn’t intentional and was barely moving forward. To this day I still don’t know how it really happened, just glad the dog wasn’t kicking and squalling with the young kids standing there. It was truly a bad day, you have a good idea about what I put into my hunting partner. Shit happens I guess. Just got her dialed in for ducks and blood trailing and one mishap and she’s gone.
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My old timer Rusty has been hilarious lately. Every day when I get home from work the last several weeks he’s been watching me to see if I grab my bow to head out to shoot. Literally will run me over trying to get out to go for his ‘walk’. Usually he goes out and lays nearby sniffing the air but the other day he protested and actually wanted to go for a walk out back. This was him after my first two arrows of the evening. Heck I didn’t mind at all putting the bow down for that walk. Have I ever said I absolutely love this dog?!?