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Doggone good dog thread


The Bass Whisperer
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Almost went home with me
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Lake County
My boy Bear crossed over last night. My wife called me when she got home from work and told me that my boy was on the kitchen floor unable to stand and laying in two dried puddles of urine so sadly he was laid up for a while. I got a friend to stop by, since I’m working in Lima, and try and get to to stand but he couldn’t. I was on the road home in less than 5 minutes. Five hours later I made it to the vets and discussed options, none of which would have been good for him. I’ve never cried so much. Around 12:30 he was euthanized with his face pressed against mine, something we did daily. For being a 179 lb bloodhound he lived way longer than anticipated and I’m so very grateful for the time he gave us, the memories made and the love he shared! A true gentle giant and the biggest love ever. My family and I are truly blessed to have had him in our lives and I hope he felt the same about us. My girls adored him and he turned heads everywhere we went with him.

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