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Doggone good dog thread

mike hunt

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The purpose of a dog sure has changed with time and that story is one of many. I have had similar things happen and grew up with the kind of thinking Dean had. Tools, a dog with no job has no purpose, shoot him and move on. It wasn’t until I had kids that my mind changed. Honestly, it was Tanner that changed me. Before that I traded and shot more dogs than I will ever want to admit. Now we consistently have two dogs in our lives that serve no purpose beyond companionship. One of them we paid more than I ever have for a dog and he’s dumb as shit. He would’ve never made it this long in life 15 years ago. Weird how things change. Not sure I could even leave a dog in pen outside anymore. They’re part of the family now, even the dumb one. 😂
Remember this, the dog is the only member of the family YOU get to choose!


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We're down to five now and they all go home tomorrow. Literal fuckton of work, but I've enjoyed having puppies to play with, as have the girls. Despite my FUBAR a few months back that allowed this litter to be born, all 6 that have went home, were followed with comments about how well behaved and socialized the pups were. I had a discussion with someone last night whose niece paid $4K for a lab from Petland and said it was a terrible dog. I laughed and said this $100 inbred dog would likely be a much better dog and it doesn't have anything to do with the price tag and everything to do with how that puppy spent the first 6-8 weeks of it's life, IMO. Other than breeders, hard to imagine a litter of pups getting much more time and attention thrown their way than these ones.

I'm excited for @cspot and @Isaacorps to arrive tomorrow. Curtis's new dog is the pick of the males IMO and shows every sign of being a great dog. Isaac's is a close second and is 99% Gunnar. From how they looked at 7 weeks, to how they behave, to that slight curl to the tail that drives @giles nuts 😂 They're my 2 favorite males dogs and somehow, they're going how with guys I know... 🤷‍♂️


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Well, how was the first night? That was always the worst. Kennel next to the bed it was we always did. Move it further and further away until you get them to a spot you want.


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Grove City
It sure is a lot of work raising puppies, but we're having fun with it. What else are you going to do when you're trapped at home?!? The pic of the single black male is one I call Babe cause he reminds me of Babe Ruth, boxy and athletic. Pretty sure he's headed home with a TOOzer. The one chewing on the beer can is a female and the first born. She's an awesome little dog who is going home to my "unicorn" from high school. They go for shots next Wednesday and homebound after that!

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How in the world did you get this picture??? All of then sitting still and looking the same direction. Holy crap.