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Doggone good dog thread


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My mom stopped by tonight and once again, we debated what's in this dog. Our insurance company sent us a dividend check that was the same amount as the DNA test I just ordered, coincidentally. Latest guess is maybe a little rottweiler. Whatever it is, 20 of his 22 offspring are clearly labs. Only 2 expressed anything other than that. I'll say this, despite what he's done knocking up the other two, he's really turning into an exceptional companion. He has big shoes to fill, but at 15 months, he's lights years beyond Remi with his obedience. He's not the retriever Remi was, but he could be a better family dog in the long run. His sister is blossoming too. She's the instinctual, wired one of the pack. Always tuned in. The sentry. 3 dogs is a lot of work, but the reward is more than worth it.

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I’d say our little Jackson got the best of his mom and pop. Over the top loving but tuned in to everything. I hope he turns into half the companion his daddy is! He’s got some natural retriever instinct that we’re channeling towards sheds. He was born to please. He tries his mama’s patience but is her dog through and through! We love this little dude 😊