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Fin Feather Fur cva .450 bushmaster

In all seriousness think about what each of us started with- single shot 12 with two packs of sluggers, wearing my carhart bibs, rompin and stompin state land, highfiving your buddy when he killed a 90# button buck, then dragging it like a mile- makes me smile just thinking about. It was simple, pure, no fancy equipment.

Well, I started with a .243 because I live in a rifle state. The difference is today some people would criticize you for shooting a BB. Back in those days no one cared. Everyone would be happy for you.


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Columbiana County
People in NC still use .243, watched my 82 year old neighbor drop a hog with a .243 from about 125 yards, plenty of bullet
I still use a .243 in PA for rifle. I went to some bigger caliber for a while, but then I found out that they couldn't kill them any deader than the little old .243.
A .243 will kill anything needing killed in the lower 48..... Wish Ohio would allow it for deer....