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First Hunting Season Results


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Bow Kills - 0
Bow Misses- 2 ground hog, 1 squirrel,
Muzzleloader Kills -0
Muzzleloader Misses - 1 deer
12gauge Kills - Several ducks, squirrels, chipmunks, 1ground hog , 1crow, 1goose
12gauge Misses - Some ducks and a goose.

If I missed one Matt go ahead and throw it in. Wish I would've gotten a deer. Maybe next time I will have a little more patients. The good news is I am a Browns fan so I already know there is always next season. Not to mention that I just ran some numbers and it looks like the Jennings Buck Master is going to get another season. :smiley_cry:


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It sounds like beyond the misses that you did a good deal of learning! Most importantly, talking about next year is your biggest lesson yet - hunting is a great hobby and is such a consuming passion for a lot of us. Glad you got to try a few things out (I'd love to go duck hunting cause I've never been)!



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Your right about that, I learned a lot. I've wanted to learn to hunt my whole life. Hell I owned the bow since I was 14 and shot it for the fist time two years ago at the age of 23! If it wasn't for Matt I still would be wishing I was hunting. So thank you Matt!


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Norton, OH
My pleasure buddy, that's what it's all about. ;) Just think of the "memories" we made this season. Trudging miles through thigh deep snow to miss one rabbit (last year, but still!), me going "swimming" in the middle of winter and using my gun as a paddle in the process, and waving your bow at a couple deer, just trying to say hi. That, my friend, is what it's all about. Also, don't forget, rabbit season is open still, and then we have spring turkey to look forward to.
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Central Ohio
Hey, nothing wrong with carrying the Jennings Buck Master out for another season. I had an Air Master up until last season, and it killed plenty of deer in the process. You don't always need the latest & greatest to get it done! Just get out there, soak in the experience, and have fun. Best of luck to you next season!!


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North Central Ohio
Heck of a first season if you ask me. Soaking up all the days outdoors making memories is what it's all about and keeps us coming back each year. You will also find in years to come that life's best kept secrets are hidden out there, we just need to slow down, look, and listen for it.