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First TOO outing


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The very very first get together I went to with this bunch of guys was when Riverdude invited me up to his place in Ashtabula for a get-together with guys from the forum. Attendees were Riverdude, CJD3, Geezer, RedCloud, and myself. And I think OhioSam showed up for trapshooting, but didn't stay overnite, unless I'm thinking of another get-together. I can't remember what year it was.

So the funny part of the story - Jeff (Riverdude) had told me that his property had a lake for fishing, and we were going to shoot bows.
I was very new to the group and didn't know alot of people, but I was happy to be invited and looking forward to meeting other outdoorsmen, like-minded people and all. So I get there, Jeff introduces me to Jim (CJD3), and Jim starts showing me around, Jeff goes off to do something else. Jim starts talking about the property...and about it's history...and about how they do this and do that...how for years they've put up Christmas lights in such a way, blah blah blah and I start thinking to myself "Oh my God, these guys are a couple....THEY'RE GAY...WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN IN TO?!?" I didn't realize the relationship was that they were brothers, and they had houses next door to each other and to their parents on the same lane....but then I decided that what the hell, they seem like alright guys, and as long as nobody flirts with me I'll stay and shoot....Imagine my relief when I learned they were brothers LMAO
Sam was there. He brought those tiny clays we were supposed to hit lol. I think the boat caught most of them.
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