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first tournament of the year for team uglykat

it was my night guys, i smashed the competition by winning 5 out of 6 hours , which means im the only one who has won more then four hours in a single tournament , and to make things even better i caught the tagged fish and took big fish of the night with a 32 pound flathead , for it being the first tournament of the year and the nights being cold we moved the tournaments to noon till 6 pm till the nights warm up some, i ended with 5 flatheads and 4 channel cats , one channel cat took a hour and 4 of my flatheads took hours with my 32 pounder being big fish of the night and my 28 pounder being the tagged fish , heres the pics of my two biggest fish of the night, all fish except the channels were caught on live shad.

my 28 pound tagged fish

and my 32 pound big fish

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funny thing is i beat my own record , i held the record for most hours won in a tournament with 4 hours ...lol , people say fishing pay lakes is like shooting fish in a barrel , here is my response to them , last night the only other fish being caught were small 1 to 4 pounders my smallest fish wighed in was a 5 pounder close to 6 pounds , this lake doesnt stock thousands of pounds of fish a week like some other places do , but we do stock a couple thousand pounds of fish a year , and we dont have to die off rate of the high price lakes either , we only lost one big fish last year and just a few small 2 and 3 pounders this year
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