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G5 Prime


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Southeast Ohio
Anybody seen this bow yet? G5 has two new bows with a pretty extreme cam design called parrallel cams. Apparently they are suppose to help eliminate cam lean. Check it out and see what you think.


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SE Ohio
I was looking at it earlier. I'm stoked about shooting bows this spring. I definitely plan to spend some time and burn up some miles trying out new rigs. This bow is on the short list of "must shoots"...


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Wow that's a pretty awesome design. G5 is definitely a company worth looking into when it comes to bow shopping.

I was on AT a couple weeks ago and noticed that Kevin Strother is starting yet another archery company... this time in partnership with his wife Kate. I think they are only going to sell a limited number of bows the first year, though. I'm interested to see what these bows look like and if he's finished bouncing around with companies.
I could see some timing issues with the g5 bow down the road. I can see the cable moving out of tune in the ring yoke. Its a new techology and it might have some issues. The strother infinity would be the bow I would buy as of today super smooth, quite, fast, and little hand shock.I'm not sure what kevin is doing with the other company but strother Archery builds a good bow from what I can tell. Ill have to get my hands on an Elite pure and hunter. Elites new bow names are lame compared the gto, z28, gt500, judge...ect. I wont even consider buying one of the new Mathews unless it shoots like nothing else. I really didnt think you could make a uglier bow than the Z7 but apparently you can.
My hot List as of now in no preticular order.
Elite Pure
Elite Hunter
Strother Vanquish
Strother Infinity
Hoyt crx 32
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