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So far our group of 6 has killed 2 nice bucks and a bb. Our buddy Tim killed this nice buck before 7:30-8 on opening morning.

Ron killed the bb for some extra jerky meat Tuesday afternoon evening.

Then today after three days of everyone stand or blind hunting seeing little or no deer movement due to the pressure and windy conditions we orchestrated a little 5 man slow push which got up camps #1 target buck. Stacey was on stand and blessed being in the right spot today but did what it took to lay the beast down. We weighed him before dressing him and after. On the hoof he weighed 245 and dressed he tipped the scale at 205.

We’ve all been hunting our butts off all week as I’m sure most of your have as well. The weather hasn’t been the best but it is what it is.
Congrats! You guys got a couple of real nice ones there!

brock ratcliff

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Good job, Mike....

Got a doe tonight, 4 came in. 3 left..... 30 yard shot, she flipped, hit the hounds, kicked a few times got back up, ran 30 yards and crashed...

Plenty of meat on this one...

This .450 Bushmaster is brutal....

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Congratulations J! That round is absolutely perfect for whitetail deer, or certainly seems to be at this point.
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Got it done Saturday Morning, track the deer for over an hour in the rain, exit wound was plugged, had to shoot it on the run at 150 yards after I found it, proceeded to shot its leg off, then ran up behind it and tackled the poor thing to the ground and ended its life as quickly as possible. Its actually a decent size doe, very blessed and happy. Strictly trophy hunting the rest of the season.