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Dustin’s fishing coach
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Columbiana County
NIce job J
Strangest part, the 3 remaining hung around within 15 yards of my stand staring in her direction. They were there for close too 20 minutes just looking around and sniffing the air..... Finally lost interest and walked by me and across an alfalfa field.... First time I’ve ever seen them hang around like that after a gun going off.... Especially that .450 with its muzzle brake...


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So long range forecast for bonus weekend looks like rain and snow mix...fugg it I'm going
I may or may not go. I want to try to help my boy (6 year old) get one with a bow.Don’t care what just atleast an opportunity.Hes still not hunting with a gun yet.

I would like to have atleast one more deer in the fridge. I hate killing a doe in late season when it’s got the fetus in it and you can actually see the babies . Call me a pussy lol I just don’t like that.

So at this point I’m undecided.