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How often do you hunt public land.

What percentage of your deer season is spent on public land?

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I have an idea for something. Just wondering how often the guys here hunt deer on public land in the state of Ohio. As a percentage of spots you hunt in a season "Public vs Private" what percentage is spent on public land?


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North Central Ohio
Now that's an interesting post....Mountainneer, props to you man, public land is tuff. I have gone form private to public back to small private. I guess thats why I'm so attached to the 2.5acres of priavate that I have. It's crazy how quickly one's hunting land can change when you travel 30mins one way! I hate being back north with nothing but fields and fence rows......what I would give to hunt rolling hills everyday again.


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North Central Ohio
I haven't hunted public in years but I do still keep an eye on the one place not to far away. Never have too many places to hunt and I always like to have options if need be so, just because I don't hunt it doesn't mean I don't keep looking at it lol.

Kind of treat it like the hot chick down the road...I ain't bangin it but that doesn't mean I don't look at it every chance I get lmao.


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Too far to drive given my schedule to get to any public land. I am all private. Of course the area I arrowed my buck last year is so littered with human traffic, I could darn near call it public land.


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Central Ohio
It's mixed for me. I've got both public & private spots close to home. Of course the public spots get hammered from October through Gun season, but early on and very late they can be productive. I mainly hunt the private spots, but if the weather / wind isn't right for a hunt, and I just have to be in the woods, I default to my other public hunting options.


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North Carolina
I have in the past and have had pretty good luck. But with a lot of distractions and careless people who don't pay attention too their surroundings I got soured and hunt only private land now. I have a bunch of good land owners nice enough too allow me to hunt. Without them I probably would of given up years ago....
I used to hunt 100% privite
Then found a great spot on public I hunt a few times every year
Then I got in for 2 years on a lease ....but we got screwed by a few members

So I am back to my few privite farms and the 1 public spot I hunt

I would like to get into another lease
But as of yeat , no opening that I can aford have been found



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Had to vote 20% but it's probably lower than that...but Caesars Creek and Spring Valley are about 30mins away opposed to 2hrs to private spots...
This year will probably be more public than last...but never during gun season. No way.