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Ill miss bow season again:(


Junior Member
As long as I have waited and tried to save for a bow, I failed yet again. With purchasing a car, new droid, pay for insurance, and now a kayak, I have failed to get a bow. Well, theres always next year. So if I dont log in before gun season, its because im jealous of the bow hunters! On a brighter side, I am stoked to look for a new kayak. Any suggestions?


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North Central Ohio
That sucks. I gave up at getting a 4-wheeler and a kayak for a new bow. With 7.5 miles of property lines to walk on my west property a 4 wheeler sure would have been nice but my bow is way BETTER.


Staff member
Priorites buddy, that's all. When you do get a bow, it will most likley become a priority like it has for a got bit of us. Then you won't have to worry about making bowhunting related purchases, it just becomes automatic!!! LOL! The other option is doing what I do a good bit these days and that's trade toys for toys. If you could put together $250-300 in the next 6 weeks, you could get a decent bow set-up from the local shops or the Bulletin Board (you should be able to find it in your area MH) and you'd have four weeks to get familiar with it. If you really want to bow hunt this year, it's not TOO late. You just have to decide how bad you really want to bow hunt. But you still have time...
If ya cant find a used bow Martin archery sells the Threshold package for around 200$..sight,rest an quiver included..I aint sure if i am a fan of that arrows rest...

I saw a new in box one on archery talk for 185$ shipped.You can get some arrows for around 50$ ..Less if you find some used ones..An im sure one of us TOO members in your area could fletch them up for cheap or free..I am near Brownsville OH on the licking,muskingum,perry county borders ..An i would be willing to help in any way i can..
I would say for 300$or just over you could have a fully rigged bow,arrows,broadheads etc..

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
That sucks man, I would be doing as much selling and scrounging around for money that I could for the next two months. Find a used one for 200 or so and get in the stand!! Then worry about upgrading next year or the year after. You don't have to go balls out your first season!


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I would sell my plasma if i was looking at not making hunting season because i couldn't afford a bow.


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Well I have a job that makes plenty of money, so I may still make it. And I was in dire need of a new phone and I spend more time on the water than I do hunting (currently) so I picked the yak. But Ill be in the stand soon enough:)


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NW Ohio
I think the guys have covered it, but don't forget you can stop eating a few days a week and save some money too.:smiley_crocodile: Do what you have to do to hunt!