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Lake Erie Bite


Dustin’s FORMER fishing coach
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Columbiana County
Everyone’s tolerance too Erie is different. You’d be amazed at the # of boaters who shy away from Erie because of perceived danger of its waves. Don’t get me wrong I respect that lake and the carnage it can bring, but I know my limitations and don’t over extend them.
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Well we decided to end our trip early due to the weather tonight and tomorrow up there.

Only had one full day of fishing but we made the most of what we could. Was tough to find a spot out of the wind for the kayaks but we managed to find about 100 yards of coast that we were able to drift down multiple times and pull some decent smallmouth off of. Mainly used crank baits to go after them. Had a tough time with the ned rig on the coast due to drift speed (thanks wind). Last drift of the day before we got wet I had my biggest of the day on and it spit the hook on his second or third arial performance. That was a bummer but still had a good time.

Hopefully will be able to do it again when weather is better.