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LIVE from the stand 2020-21


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NW Ohio
Binoculars and video camera scouting a secluded field behind the barn on one of my properties tonight. Never turned on video camera. Just sat there on the tripod. Farmer was picking corn to the north and west. I was able to see 8 deer. Sounds great but not really. 1 mature doe. 7 fawns and probably last year's fawns. I'm seeing deer but they are tiny. Same thing on another property. I saw 5 in a picked bean field the other night. None were mature. As the crops come off I'll continue to monitor. Maybe I'll see enough mature deer to shoot one. Maybe I'll swap cameras in the rain Sunday. EHD showing it's ugly face. Called the farmer picking the beans. He was in the semi waiting. Said they found 3 more dead ones in that field so far. Not done picking corn yet. Not crying or complaining. It simply is what it is. Has made it really difficult to get excited to hunt. I'm reading along with you guys and smiling. I'm happy for you all. Just struggling to get excited.
So... my original post about standing corn is now moot. Lol. They started harvesting the corn today and will be done tomorrow. I’m going to sit tomorrow afternoon/evening and see if there’s any deer activity. This next 5-7 days should be solid, as I’ve always had luck after corn is harvested. I’ll post tomorrow when I’m in the field.
Taking this morning off. Son shot at a good one right before dark yesterday. We found arrow stuck in the dirt with hair in broad head but nothing else on arrow except some stains on fletching that wouldn't wipe off, maybe from something else. So Im assuming a near miss cause surely there would be something on arrow somewhere but gonna look atleast once in daylight