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LIVE! From the Stand 2022-2023 Edition


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In a bar
That would be my guess.

Neighbor just called and woke me back up. This dude just walked on to us. Keeping my sick ass in the house. Levi showed no interest either. So I guess he lives


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He came from the bottom of the ravien, downwind side of me. After he reached the top of the ravien edge, he stopped briefly, inhaled deeply a couple of times, then stuck his nose straight up into air, circle sniffing.

Apparently, he caught my scent because we had a couple minute staredown, and I won!

Then he went about his business. I recorded the whole time he remained within bow range.

This was my third encounter with him, two in just over the last 72 hours. All within close proximity where I could have easily shot him.

He's not what I'm after.

I saw two deer 🦌 during my short Thanksgiving holiday evening hunt. The one in this video, and one unknown while heading to the pickup after quitting time.

Pressing forward folks, so more to come in the near future.



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Haven't pulled my bow up yet. Three antlerless on their feet @60yrds. I got in totally undetected w/ no issues.

It's gorgeous out, and should get even better by sundown.

Good luck to those that got out 'TOO'!

Saw three at the beginning, then three at the end of today's archery hunt.

Before I even got to pull up my bow, there were three antlerless deer up and about @2:30PM, approximately 60 yards away. They continued traveling slowly further on north away from me, down towards the creek bottom. Never saw them again for the rest of the hunt.

The next group of three that showed up were real young bucks during the last hour. One of them appeared to be injured, and two of three had half-racks or missing part of an antler. Only one (the injured one) of those two with messed up antlers was captured on camera during this evening. The other was captured on the trail camera about the same time I jumped into the truck cab, getting ready to leave for home.

No arrow took flight during this evening's hunt. Tomorrow's another day...

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