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Longest shot with a bow?

when i started bow hunting 36 years ago i, we, did not have the vast ways of gaining knolledge we have today . all we had was books about howard hill , fred bear , ben pearson and so on . these guys would shoot at anything . if you seen it and wanted to kill it , you shot an arrow at it . my days were spent roving through the woods and pasture fields shooting at birds for practice . then when fall came i was shooting to fill the freezer. if it moved it died . i had killed many birds while practacing with my 60 lb kodiac at 50 yards and under . my longest shot that i have connected with on a whitetail was 83 steps. he died in a dead run after running about 50 yards . useing a 2219 full length and a bear b.h. with bleeders


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My first buck with a bow, the first one in the Dead Deerz thread, was 35 yards I think. I swear, I don't even remember aiming. It all happened so fast. I was 17 at the time and very inexperienced. I just reacted and I put it inbetween the 30 and 40 yard pin and let it fly.
Lucky shot for sure.


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Where's Creamer and his "holier than thou" horseshit?!? Oh yeah, we didn't invite his ass!!! :smiley_adfundum:

You know the thing that always wanted to make me punch myself in the dick when arguing with him on this subject was his statement that if I were good enough, I wouldn't need to shoot 51 yards. Well son of a bitch Jeffery, I've kill close to 20 deer with a bow since 2001 and the furthest shot other than that doe was 32 yards on the buck I killed in 2008. I've killed a dozen deer inside 25 yards. Guess that's not good enough for a super star like Jeffery Creamer...


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I've shot over 35 bucks and a few does with archery equipment and the longest shot I can remember was 26 yards.

I just don't set myself up for longer shots, not that I couldn't make one...... I feel comfortable and practice out to 40 yards. Anything beyond 25 for me and it don't seem close enough.
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Like Hoot, I started in 1974 with a Fred Bear 45#, Black Bear re-curve and cedar arrows topped with Fred Bear 2 blade/bleeder broad heads. I didn't shoot a lot of birds but did a lot of shooting and bow fishing with little info aside from books. I still have that bow as well as 6 others. I shoot both; w/ the re-curve have killed deer out to 17-18 yards. The farthest I have killed w/ the compound is 23 yards. The closet was 6 ft out from the tree.


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My only archery kill was last year since it was my first archery season. One shot, one kill. 20 yd pin. Went 50yds and dropped within view of the stand. I would go out to 35yds and feel comfortable. Maybe (a big maybe) I would try 40yds if all the conditions were perfect. I just don't think I will need to worry about anything over 30-35yds. Most of my tree stands are setup for 30yd or under shots.


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I killed my first buck with a bow at 33 yds... that's the farthest shot I've taken since then. However, yesterday I hung a new stand where most of the shot opportunities are gonna be 30+ yds, so I may have to reach out and touch one from that tree.


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Limiting my shots to under 30 this year (my first for bow hunting)- but after reading all those posts it doesn't sound like that's an issue!