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Looking for a Deer Rifle

As most know I’m new to the hunting world. I am looking into getting a deer rifle soon. And I figured what better place to get some recommendations than from my TOO brothers. Any advice/recommendations will much appreciated.

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Guys who actually own one of the rifles in the above article can chime in with their opinions…I don’t own any straight walled cartridges…only a .300WSM. The field and stream article lists the pros and cons as well as trajectories. Hope this helps…


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I had a .450 bushmaster for a couple seasons, I’ve taken the liberty to attach a photo of what happens to deer if they are small and shot at close range, I like not wasting meat lol. Beings that mostly what I shoot (small deer) I switched to a .350 Legend on an AR platform, and I likely will never look back. It’s a tack driver and kills em dead.
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I also vote for the 350L, only issues I have seen is if they don't hit bone, they just punch a small hole with little blood. The deer will be dead 50-100yrds, but little blood.

I started wirh a .30-06 for deer in PA, and it is an all around cartridge for bigger NA animals should that day present itself (elk, bears, moose, etc).

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Get a muzzleloader
I'll explain more later
I used to recommend this all the time. They are accurate and can shoot a long ways. It doubles your gun season because you can use it for regular gun and eventually the muzzy season. In Michigan our muzzy season is basically 2 weeks long so it worked as a double bonus for me when I would hunt both states. That said, I am beginning to hate having to clean it all the time. To do it right it takes a couple hours out of your day. Jenna picked up her 350 Legend and man o man I want one. Light as a feather, hardly any recoil and the ammo is readily available these days. She hasn't killed with it yet but as you can see by other's comments, the caliber works and works well on deer. Definitely the next firearm purchase for me.


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Ive had an AR in both 350 and 450 but ended up selling them and getting bolt guns in both . Both of mine are the Ruger Americans and are surprisingly stupid accurate. I have nothing against the 350 it works well I just grab the 450 most of the time . Ammo is definitely more reasonable for the 350 if that's a factor