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Lost my Hunting Buddy


Bass fishing aficionado....
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Davie County, NC
Today marks 4 years.

Stay safe out there over this Holiday week. Give your loved ones an extra squeeze. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so take advantage of today.

The past 4 years have been a journey. I miss you everyday. I still ask myself what if and why. We know that everything happens for a reason we just wish we knew why. We long for the day that we are reunited but take solace in knowing that you are with Dad and Big Pop.
They say that Everytime you see a Cardinal that it is a visitor from heaven. Well we had a Cardinal coming by a couple times a day for about two weeks. He would fly straight to the truck and play by the side mirror. Guess he saw his reflection. And was trying to fight the reflection. He would stick around for 10-15 minutes at a time several times a day. I would watch him through the window and get a smile on my face.
Fly high son. We will see each other again.

Awesome post Jon, thank you for sharing such a heartfelt tribute....


Bass fishing aficionado....
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Davie County, NC
Just had a visitor Jon....


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Man Jon. As a new father I cannot fathom the depth of your loss. I find myself looking at my boys quite often and wondering just how bad it would tear me up to lose one of them. Even now I cannot let my mind go there or it consumes me with worry. You're a stong man buddy, i'm not sure I could take it. Connors bracelet is on my shotgun, muzzy and Bow. I often find myself looking at them when I'm in the field. Connor and you family has touched so many lives, people he never knew will carry his memory for a lifetime. Keep your and the misses spirits up and just know we're thinking of you.


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Jamestown, OH
Thank you everyone. It has been a huge help knowing that I have this family for support.
We are not as strong as we may seem. It does help tremendously knowing that Connor's legacy will live on. To date we have awarded $15k in his honor for scholarships.

I appreciate all of you deplorable more than I would ever be able to show you. Thanks Brothers.


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knox county ohio
I've realized You never get over it you just learn how to live differently. It's crazy how you have certain memories thay are always with you then out of the blue a smell or something you see brings back another memory that you never think of. We lost my 25 year old cousin this weekend and I'm trying to help my aunt out as much as I can since I've been through it. she was there for us when Lucas passed, even having been through it you can't find the words to tell someone how sorry you are or what's going to come next. it's a pain that I wish nobody would ever have to feel. That's a pretty awesome thing you have going on with the scholarship Jon I hope it lasts a long time. Connor would be proud.