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Mizzou Hunt Thread


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I'll do what I can to keep everyone up to pace on our hunt this weekend via this thread. Not sure how reception will be, so this might be the only post until Monday! Ha! But I'll do what I can...

Got up to Kaiser's place around 6:30 tonight and headed straight to a NWTF meeting where I got to meet Bawana from OS. (He's been on my list of "must meets" for a long time, so it was great to put yet another face to a name!) After that, we made about a half dozen set ups for yotes with no luck. Time to hit the sack now for the 3:30 wake up. On the road at 4, so hopefully we hit Missouri early afternoon.

Lots of firsts for me on this trip. I've never hunted outside Ohio for any species of game. I've never been to Indiana, Illinois, or Missouri. I've never seen a snow goose, let along shot one! Never hunted from a layout blind either. The only thing my shotgun has killed since I got it from Ted was a black bird! LOL! Being a homebody and a rookie waterfowler, this should be quite the experience! I just hope my misses are not totally obvious!!!

Hopefully there are pictures and stories of dead things to come!!!


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Gods Country
I got to meet Bawana at themedics place two summers ago. Great guy and I hope our paths cross sometime soon again.

Looking forward to seeing the pics and reading the stories of the weekend events. :smiley_coolpeace: