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New Up And Coming Hunter Here

Hello My name is Steven Junior, I am from Cincinnati Ohio..I'm 22 years old..I was first interested in Deer hunting last season when my buddy got me all hyped up for the rifle season down in Kentucky and i went out got a rifle and all my gear and didn't get a chance to go...i was upset that i spent all the money and got everything and didn't go, So i just figured ill give it another try this year but instead of going with a rifle ill just get me a bow and a shotgun so i can just go hunting in ohio and not pay the extra money to hunt out of state, but the only problem here is that i don't know anyone with land that would allow me to hunt on their land as of right now, so i found this site and hope to make some new ohio hunting buddies that can show me and teach me some stuff i don't know about this sport, i think that i am a natural outdoorsman if that makes any sense to y'all, So hopefully ill talk to yall some more today or later on this afternoon, thanks for reading if u wanna know anything else about me just shoot me a message or just reply to this post, Thanks Yall



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Columbiana County
Practice, practice than practice some more until it becomes second nature too you..... Hit the public land like redcloud mentioned and you'll find some spots that'll give you a chance.....

Welcome too the site and read a lot and you'll become pretty knowledgeable.....


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SW Ohio
Welcome Steven! I'm from Warren county so we're almost neighbors. Checkout the Mt. Airy park. Don't know if its too late to get in on it though. There is a slew of deer and big bucks running down there as I was told but you have to pass a hunters safety course and pass a shooting test(easy=5 arrows in a pie plate at 20 yards) to get in. East Fork and Hueston Woods are also great options as well. Good luck


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NW Ohio
Welcome to the site. Best of luck. Sounds like you got some pretty solid advice already. Practice a ton with that bow for sure. They require a lot of familiarity. Public land is what I was going to suggest. I know Kentucky has some public land as well if you still wanted to use that rifle.