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  1. S

    New Up And Coming Hunter Here

    Hello My name is Steven Junior, I am from Cincinnati Ohio..I'm 22 years old..I was first interested in Deer hunting last season when my buddy got me all hyped up for the rifle season down in Kentucky and i went out got a rifle and all my gear and didn't get a chance to go...i was upset that i...
  2. ohiobowhunter78

    Just another hunter

    Hello all. Name is Eric new to the site but not hunting. I have been lerking around for a while and have finally decided do join. I enjoy hunting and am here to help if needed and learn all I can from other's. This site has some very interesting post so ill be sticking around. I would have to...
  3. Huckleberry Finn

    Hunter Safety Systems

    I have been using a Hunter Safety System (HSS) harness for 2 years now. I like it. I noticed last fall that one of the buckles (seat belt style on this model's leg strap) would snap, but it took some jiggling to make it work. I called HSS and asked them what to do. They failed to send me...
  4. Rutin

    So GOD made a hunter......

  5. joejoe8

    Nc hunter

    Just found this site, can't believe it took me so long. I am a member of 10+ hunting forums, this is one of the best so far. Been hunting Se Ohio for 7 years now an spend a good part of each day thinking about it lol.
  6. Diane

    Female Hunter Here!

    Hi Guys! My name is Diane and I've been spying on ya'll for many, many months now, and I gotta say, you guys are a riot! If you haven't guessed by my forum name, I am married to Rick. (xbowguy) There have been many threads that I have wanted to jump in on, but waited as I didn't want...
  7. T

    Texas Duck Hunter visiting Looking to Hunt

    I'm new to the forum, but I have been duck hunting for several years now. I am 22 years old and am currently a senior at Texas A&M. I am from the Texas Gulf Coast, but my whole family is from East of Cleveland in Painsville. I will be in town from December 24th-28th. I was looking to see if...
  8. saddlepants

    Deer Hunter Meets Santa...

  9. Longdraw

    were are all the hunter?

    I was riding around about a 8mile block yesterday and only seen 1hunter and 2vehicles setting off the roa,and very little shooting for Knox county
  10. Ohiobowhunter1

    Youth hunter scores!

    I had decided last year when I bought my son a Rossi 22/.410 combo that if he was ready I would take him deer hunting this season. When I came home from my 10 day rut trip I took him and the .410 out to do some shooting. I was excited after shooting slugs through that little .410 as he was...
  11. hoot gibson

    newark goose hunter

    hay guys . any body hunt close to newark for geese ? im in need of some wing feathers . thanks h
  12. J

    Great Story about a 13 year old hunter

    This is a great story about a 13 year old hunter that has shot two awesome whitetails in the last 10 months. He wrote the story himself. http://ahunterstales.com/2011/09/28/brock-strikes-again-weehew/
  13. swamp_donkey819

    job as a hunter

    me and some buddies had this discussion the other day, if you could have a job as a full time hunter would you take it as your full time job, any animals that are native to the state, and you can keep or donate what you are able to eat, there would be daily limits as to not ruin wildlife...
  14. RedCloud

    Elite Hunter is ready to go

    As most of you may remember my Elite Hunter issue and thread following the process of being fixed. I am happy to tell you all that the bow is now ready to go. I had shot the bow a few times since getting it back from Elite and felt really good but then Milo said I needed a Peep sight lol...
  15. U

    a virgin bow hunter

    buddy of mine decided he wanted to get into bow hunting , and picked up a really nice mathews 70 pound bow this morning for a steal , anyway he gets it home , throws couple arrows down range , goes in theh house for supper comes back out and picks the bow up and cant pull it back , so he starts...
  16. O

    Anyone have advice on how to set yourself up for a first year alone hunter?

    Finally hit the age of 16, and I'd like to set up my own stand, spots, and independently put some meat in the freezer. But, was wondering what tips people could give on how to do things right so I don't end up messing it by spooking a biggin' out of the area while setting up or down right...
  17. RedCloud

    Elite Hunter issues

    Went to the shop and had him fix my draw stop :smiley_chinrub: I guess I don't know that you can just grab any old draw stop off a cam hanging on the wall or one off a bow hanging in the showroom to replace a broken stop on an Elite. I guess I need schooled more then I though. Anyway, I get home...
  18. RedCloud

    2011 Elite Hunter

    I am trying to find the best deal on one of these bows. So far I have come up with $725 for a bare bow from Hoffman's archery. I have a call into Weasner's up in Bloomville as well. Anybody know where to get one any cheaper here in Ohio? Going to start calling dealers tomorrow or Friday.
  19. Jackalope

    Stupid Anti Hunter

    . Let me get this straight.. She stole a dog collar off a hunting dog then tried to hide it in her locked office at a university... Dumb bitch... It's a tracking collar. They're gonna find it.. lmao lmao..
  20. Ohiosam

    Sucks to be a WV deer hunter

    Ohio's kill is down because of too much food(acorns) while across the river it's down because of not enough food.