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New Year's Hunt


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Well, went out this morning for a quick hunt. My friend's son and grandkids were leaving this afternoon so we didn't have a whole lot of time. Hunted a cow pasture, had 2 chase and 1 bunny in an hour and a half. The rabbit got kicked up by the guy on the bottom, ran up the hill past me (I coulda but didn't want to shoot it off the jump the dogs had just gotten on it) and up the hill to where his son and granddaughter was. He whacked it on the run. Maybe I'm getting soft, I don't have to kill every rabbit, it's not like a few years ago when they would position me to get a shot on every bunny...it was pretty cool to hear his granddaughter yell when her dad shot the bunny!

Going down to Danville tomorrow to hunt a tree farm with the same friend, another guy that we know and his kids...I'm sure I'll be doing some shooting!

(sorry, no pictures, I'll do better tomorrow)



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Central Ohio
Good stuff Capt!! I 'm gonna try and get out after some small game before I have to go back to work on Monday. It's been way TOO long since I've done it.

Now get some pics up here. Come on man!!


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Just sat down in the stand.

HOLY SHIT BOYS... Yall Ain't gonna believe this but i just shot absolutely nothing... I know crazy right... I did see a turkey who tried to roost in the same tree as me... But another 0 for me..


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Had a great hunt this morning only though it only netted a single rabbit. Hunted a Christmas tree farm in Danville. We had lots of chases and some really long ones TOO, I missed a shot or three. The trees were so thick and you couldn't see a thing...I had one rabbit run passed me no further than 5 feet away. When they broke cover to run to the next section of trees, they were cooking!