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night shift at the lake

it was my turn for the night watch , so i called a buddy and said hey im gonna be down here all night wanna come down and drowned some bait , turned out to be a pretty good night , 11 fish all over 15 pounds , 3 were over 20 , sleep deprivation kicked in around 630 am and after the 5th chorus of bawitdaba he decided to call it a morning

Good looking fish UK. You kinda look mildly retarded in the first pic though. Just sayin....


i felt mildly retarded . another reason i asked him to come down was to help keep me awake , i was exhausted i was half asleep , and if you look real close at my eyes they are pointed in different directions .....

and yup thats a 6 gauge bull ring , im waiting for some one to snag it when they cast........lol