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  1. C

    Lake Champlain NY...smallies

    Hi. I just joined and this forum looks cool. I am looking forward to posting some of my fishing pictures from my weekends on here. I just got back froma fishing trip from lake Champlain NY fishing for smallies. What a lake. Love those smallies there. I have to download the pictures from my Ipad...
  2. brock ratcliff

    Lake St Clair?

    Anyone ever fish it? It looks like boat access can be a bit of a pain, I've never been there so that's just from reading on the net. I only know a couple of guys that have fished it, and they all loved it for smallies. Just curious if any on you have been there and have any insight to share.
  3. Bowhunter57

    What's your target lake, this year?

    I want to try out some new waters this year. Lake Erie is one lake that I'd like to try, perhaps along Metzger's Marsh area. Kiser Lake isn't new for me, but I plan on spending more time there. Also, my brother and I want to plan a 2 day trip to try out some of the A.E.P. lakes, with our...
  4. brock ratcliff

    Indian Lake

    I've never fished it, but every time I've been by (and it used to be a couple times a week), I wanted to. A buddy bought a house on the lake this summer and has invited us up. This has put it on my mind a bit. Anyone here fish it? Its supposed to be a good perch and saugeye lake...two...
  5. Mike

    Six Lake Erie water samples test positive for Asian carp eDNA

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 13, 2012 Media Contacts Michigan DNR: Jim Dexter 517-373-3375, Debbie Munson Badini 906-226-1352 Ohio DNR: Rich Carter 614-565-8910, Bethany McCorkle 614-406-2011 Six Lake Erie water samples test positive for Asian carp eDNA Michigan...
  6. Bowhunter57

    A slow day at Kiser Lake

    My brother and I went to Kiser Lake this morning and got on the water around 9 a.m. This lake has an excellent atmosphere/surroundings and whether you catch anything or not, it's a great time on the water. :smiley_bril: Deer wading out into the water eating water plants, ospreys and eagles...
  7. C

    Lake Erie fun shoot

    A bunch of us are gonna be camping and bowfishing this weekend . We are based in east harbor state park but you can go anywhere and shoot. We are having a animal fry on Saturday afternoon . Gimme a call if ya got questions. 3306014831....
  8. hunna771

    Pere Marquette & other Lake MI Tributaries

    Its been forever since i've been on TOO due to a broken lap top. :smiley_depressive: MY grandparents own a cabin in Irons Michigan, 30 minutes from Baldwin. I asked them if a friend and i could go up there for a portion of our spring break up there fly fishing for trout, my grandpa thought it...
  9. bthompson1004

    Calling all inland lake fly fishermen!

    I think that right now I'm really thinking about wanting to get into a fly rod. Where do I start? I don't need the top of the line gear and if I had to set a budget for starting out I would hope to stay around $100 for a good time...I don't even know if that sounds reasonable or not...
  10. Bowhunter57

    Lima Lake Crappies

    I've not had any luck catching anything at Lima Lake, but decided to give it another shot, this evening. It took me most of the evening to figure out what they were hitting on, but I finally found something they liked...about an hour before dark. I was using a 1/8oz. jig with a purple twister...
  11. Bowhunter57

    Which lake to fish?

    I'm going to be in Columbus, during the first week of May, but anticipate the business day to end early and would like to finish up on a good note. I'd like to do some kayak fishing, while I'm in the area. I'm favoring the north and west sides of Columbus, because I'll these areas will be on my...
  12. Bowhunter57

    Kiser Lake 3/10?

    There are several guys going to Kiser Lake this Saturday, the 10th, if anyone else is interested. It should be a great time, as the temps are supposed to get into the mid to upper 50s and hold there, till then. Most of the guys I know are taking kayaks. However, any non-motored watercraft is...
  13. G

    Indian Lake Ice Fishing challenge

    Indian lake Ice Fishing Challenge Jan, 28th 2012.Three age groups 10 & under,11-17 yrs and 18 & up.Three species bluegill,crappie and saugeye.Fish one species or all three,Indian lake is one of Ohio's premier Saugeye lakes.For more information go to Indian lake.com to download flyer,rules and...
  14. Hoytmania

    Yellow Perch at the lake

    I had the wonderful fortune to spend some time out on Lake Erie this weekend. This was a first for me as I have never been out on a boat fishing the lake. This weekend was a mens retreat for the church that I attend. This lasted from Friday midday and we all returned around noon today. It was a...
  15. U

    night shift at the lake

    it was my turn for the night watch , so i called a buddy and said hey im gonna be down here all night wanna come down and drowned some bait , turned out to be a pretty good night , 11 fish all over 15 pounds , 3 were over 20 , sleep deprivation kicked in around 630 am and after the 5th chorus...
  16. C

    Lake Erie grass carp

    Went up to Erie a few weeks ago and shot this 52.5 lb grass carp .
  17. Bowhunter57

    France Lake???

    Has anyone heard of or fished France Lake, near (S.W. of Kenton/ off of S.R. 67) Kenton? It's supposed to be a good bass fishing lake...according to the ODNR. :smiley_confused_vra Thank you, Bowhunter57
  18. Bowhunter57

    Kiser Lake

    I took my new kayak to Kiser Lake and went fishing. The wind was out of the east at 10 to 20 m.p.h., clear skies and it was about 78 degrees. The fishing sucked...until some cloud cover rolled in in the afternoon, then the fishing improved. I caught 2 bluegills and 3 bass...2 of the bass were...
  19. CJD3

    HAy J...buzzing the lake...

    J, Was that you buzzing the lake shore yesterday around 4 ish ? I waved but looked like you were eyeing up the blond gassen up at Sheets... at Rt11 and Rt20 :smiley_confused_vra
  20. badger

    Lake Erie