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No Till Food Plots - So Easy


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Building a quality deer herd - takes time. There is no single action but a multitude of actions that can and will impact the health, quantity and quality of the local deer. These can have inverse relationships if we only focus on one of the three. We must balance all three relative to our lands carrying capacity.

Over the years we have absolutely maximized our soils and food-plot quality with our Vitalize Seed mixes.

We have also managed timber - which has resulted in better fawn recruitment!

In a few years - despite our harvesting - we’ve seen deer numbers explode.

Being good soil and deer managers is forever fluid. We must adapt, question, learn, try new things, and do our best to quantify it all.

Decisions made based of quantified data are decisions that are well thought out, and far increase our likelihood of the success we are working to achieve.

Plant more food. Shoot more does. Many farms….do both!

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Huge thanks to all the customers, supporters and friends so far this year.

I have put in 20 acres of plots this fall alone. I have used everything from the tractor to a sprayer and bag spreader.

That puts me at over 40 acres this year planted in Vitalize Seed. I learn more with every acre, and method. I look forward to continuing to share pictures and videos in hopes of helping you all - no matter how much or little equipment you have to access.

We will continue to work tirelessly for our customers.

If you all do like our posts and page - please do us a favor and share, like and subscribe.

Really helps us to grow.

Still time to get seeds in ground and checkout our website for new products as well.

Stay safe and well this planting season.



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