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Ohio 2010..Random pics.

My buddies publicland buck..Taken on the saturday of slug season. He pulled into the parking lot late friday night and slept in his truck umtil 5am lol...Got up..hunted all day..and this guy came sneaking accross the ridge....This was the year for deep woods hunting due to all the acorns.

Those trees were around baseball to softball in size...It was a new peice of publicland i decided to check out..So..I took the gun for a walk and found this sign...It was incredible..There were 20 or so rubs like this in a 200 yard stretch on this ridge...5 to 10 scrapes..However..1 of those scrapes was hit by a buck that day..so..i sat there until dark..saw 0...btw..I think this was thursday of the first week of slug.

My buddies buck actually dropped right where that pic was taken...maybe that was his rub..who knows..