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Paint Creek 2020 T-Shirts

Shirt Color

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3rd Rock From The Sun
So heres the deal on the T-shirts for Paint Creek. They will be Black with Orange writing.
Kids Small - Large = $12
XL = $14
XXL = $15

This year we are getting 2 different sized prints for the shirts. Kids sized shirts will have one and adult shirts will have another. If not, the print on the back would only been as big as the smallest shirt would allow.

Im not too sure whats going to be going on in the next 30 days when the $ is due, or the next 45 days when this event takes place. Im sure there is still a lot of uncertainty on whether or not folks will attend or if the campground will even be open. Its a fluid situation. I can say that as long as they are open, I will be there.

dustinb80@gmail is how to make the payments on PayPal. Please send the $ to friends and family that way there isnt a charge. When you send the $, please add in the note the sizes and QTY.
If you place an order and pay, then change your mind before I send all $ in, Ill get you your $ back to you the same way you sent it. If all $ and sizes have been submitted and this thing gets canceled, we will figure out a redneck express to get you your shirts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.