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Random weather thread

Sgt Fury

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Drove past the area that had the F-3 tornado in Mullica Hill NJ. Imagine a 400 yard wide path where every tree is snapped about 30-40 feet from the ground. Every house had severe roof damage. This one home that has a beautiful lake out front has a metal flag pile between the lake and the house that is bent in half. It’s a shocking image that I’m surprised wasn’t captured by the local news media. We took a different road on the way to where we were going that was a couple of miles north of the damage that I just described and it was the same thing…every home had their roofs ripped off, most covered with tarps, tree trimmers were still cleaning up the mess, cars and sheds tossed around. It’s going to take years for this area to get back to normal. Seeing the damage in person really knocks the wind out of you…not at all like seeing it on tv.


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Grove City

Looking good for the opener. Dang!
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Odds are high that I'll have a nice bloody arrow come opening weekend. That's in the plan anyways.

Weather forecast looks to be absolutely perfect at the moment for me to slide in during the mild rain and get setup for a nice evening hunt on opening day.

Can't wait!

Good luck to everyone else that will be hitting the woods this weekend!
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Yep, weather is looking purdy awesome for opening weekend here as well. Won't have the N winds we need to get K on a deer here at the house, so we'll need a different gameplan. We've definitely had much worse weather conditions for the first hunts of the year that's for sure!