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Random weather thread


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Constitution Ohio
What is that????
My eyes, my eyes, I can’t see!!!!


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Our schools are closed, 2 lane state Routes were crap until i got to the northernmost edge of Ashland County and then it was just wet pavement with a few drifted spots the rest of the way to Norwalk.

AITA for thinking that if you are concerned enough about the roads that you're doing under 10mph with your hazards on that you might want to reconsider driving in those conditions? I appreciated the hazard lights on but it wasn't that bad, i had no issues doing 30-40 without sliding or skidding or not stopping appropriately. Passed one car in the ditch on my whole drive.
Hearing our schools are closed already up here as well Doug. Trip in to work was slow and slick but just plugged away til I got here. One bad accident in an intersection by work, someone got T-boned and tossed up on the corner almost to the gas station. Supposed to get 2-8 inches by this evening they are saying here in SE Mich.
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Nw oh
My wifes school is closed again tomorrow all ready. We got maybe 4 most. It was worse 30mins west at work 6 or more was on the ground when we left at 1pm. Indiana is terrible at plowing back roads.