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Team 1 - Full Penetration


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I say we all try to come up with some team names and then vote on which one we like the best as a team. I'll start off with a few.
1. Bloody Arrows
2. Tagged Out
3. Deer Snipers
4. Bow Addicts
5. Thunder Tines
6. Timber Tines
7. Full Drawn
8. Scrape Assassins
9. Rutted Up
10. Mass Attack
11. Nocked N Locked
12. Giant Nockers "Haha!"
13. Bleed N Feed
14. Bloody Broadheads
15. Arrow Slingers
16. Peeped Up
17. Stabilized
18. Booners
19. Full Penetration
20. Buck Boyz
21. Buck Bandits
22. Deer Taggers
23. Rutted Up
24. Compound Hounds

Hopefully we can come up with some more names. If anyone from another team happens to be reading this....COME UP WITH YOUR OWN TEAM NAMES! Haha!
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Season is only a couple days away fellas, let's pick a name
I was kind of hoping to hear from Mountaineer before we chose a name. That way we could do it as a team. I agree though. We are getting down to crunch time and need our team name. It's between "Full Penetration" and "Tagged Out" for me. I'm easy to get along with though.
Hello fellows,

Opps Sorry..i didnt respond earlier..didnt see this lol. Any name you fellows pick, im fine with.

Im ready..Ill be in ohio the weekend of the 10th. Im gonna hunt in the AM..get down. ...go cut a trail in for a spot im gonna try in the rut ..and then hunt again in the PM.

brock ratcliff

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Any name you all pick is good with me too!

BTW, Mtnman, I just nailed down what has to be the hottest funnel in the county this weekend! I've wanted to hunt it for 15 years or so but the property was hunted by several others and I never tried to get permission. The property sold, new landowner kicked everyone out due to them trashing up the place (4 semi trailers worth of used tires). I've got it all to myself and can get in and out with NO deer knowing I'm there! Just gotta hang a stand and wait...