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Team 1 - Full Penetration


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I've had three opportunities at younger bucks. All three got an easy pass. I'm waiting on a particular buck. He'll slip up sooner or later. Hopefully anyways! I've witnessed some really cool things in the woods so far this year. One being a red tailed hawk swooping down trying to grab a turkey! This hawk not only did it once....but twice! You should have heard these turkeys going nuts! I've never heard turkeys make sounds like they did! Haha!
Good luck in the morning fellas, my dad came in town tonight so I took him to show him the new land and set UPS, wouldn't you know it a monster was lurking in the edge of the woods, not very shy, BTW set the clocks back
Hope you guys had a great turkey day, mine was awesome, hunted, check my cams and holy crap :) there's a new beast in town and I think he moved in. Pics will be coming as soon as I stop pleasuring myself Hahaha. He even posed for the cam up close and personal


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Parkersburg, WV
Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, a day late. Congrats on a new big boy showing up. That always gets you pumped. I sat from daylight til dark yesterday. Saw a nice buck about 300 yds away at 7:30am but couldn't tell if he was a shooter and couldn't get his attention. Saw a spike and a flock of turkeys at 8:00am and then nothing but squirrels the rest of the day. My plans got changed to no hunting today and might be able to get a morning hunt in tomorrow before heading back to work. My next for sure hunts will be gun season next week. Good luck to everybody.