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TOO Garden Thread


The Bass Whisperer
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SW Ohio
When you make salsa and can it; how long do you let it sit for the flavors to meld before you enjoy it?
I’m not the best to answer this question Doug. We made our first batch last fall using my bros tomato’s cuz I hadn’t started my raised beds yet. He makes some of the best salsa I’ve ever eaten and has been doing it awhile. Actually a relative who’s lived in Houston for 30+ years couldn’t stop eating it at a OSU tailgate a few years ago and said it’s the best he’s ever had and couldn’t believe Ron made it. Lol
Last year the wife and I waited about a month or two before we cracked our first jar. It’s was good but not great, needed more onion and peppers, imo.
I’ll give him a heads up and see if he chimes in.
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South Eastern Ohio
I usually bring it to a full boil for 15-20 minutes stirring constantly. Then I reduce my heat to medium and stir occasionally while it cooks down. I taste it regularly and add more tomato paste if I desire more thicker.
Salt is a key player on taste so use your own amount to your own satisfaction.
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