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Trucks/vehicles you've enjoyed!

Clay Showalter

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Guilford County
Had to replace my sons car, found a 1 owner, driven by a mom with 2 kids 2014 Jetta GLI with only 67,000 miles and almost new tires. I told my son, the only reason you are getting this car is because I like It.

Clay Showalter

Southern member northern landowner
Guilford County
I've never been big on cars but I really like this VW Passat TDI. Really comfortable and drives really sporty. Not fast or anything but real snappy on low end with the diesel and little bitty turbo. View attachment 175374
Sadly, I'm probably fixing to sell it. It just doesn't get used and is too nice of a car for one of my kids to use.
Hum I am looking for one right now, what year and mileage

Sgt Fury

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They are the people I know on here that have owned them. I have never had one.
Bought my first in ‘96….Toyota contacted me in 2010 and said they wanted to buy it back as they were having rust issues with the frames for that year. I had over 360,000 miles on it and it ran great but $8500 for a 14 year old truck was a deal I couldn’t pass. I’m on my third Tacoma now that was purchased in 2019. Still a great truck but they were built more solid back then….the one I have now has a hollow ping noise (echo) when you slam the back doors shut…sounds like the metal is thinner than they used to be.


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In a bar
Hum I am looking for one right now, what year and mileage
2014' SEL premium with the fender system and navigation.

103,000 miles
New brakes
New turbo
New dual disc
New fuel pump
All New fluids Wednesday and filters, to include the fuel filter and antifreeze flush.
Rust free but not a 10 car. Has some dings and wear. I also have a spare set of wheels and tires for it. 15" L7 in the trunk to keep you motivated on long drives. Lol. 5% tint and 50% on the windshield. Dealership up the road told me they would give me $11,500 for it and I put $800 into it after that. So I'd be open to offers. Getting close to being out of warranty so it would be a good time to delete it and really get some mileage out of it.

The only thing I see it needing would be a timing belt at 120,000 miles.
Not mine, but cool anyway! :cool: The guy that owned this sand dragster, used a chrome molly frame, so it was light weight and strong. Then he dropped a 1978 Kawasaki 900cc engine in it. Which had a factory "red line" of 13,500 rpm. Changed out the pistons to make it an 1100cc and ran it on alcohol. He kept the direct chain drive with universal joints to the wheels and gas shocks. He utilized a single stick shifter to the original Kawasaki transmission, a foot gas pedal and a single disc brake on the axle itself. He pulled it to the starting line with a 4-wheeler that had a battery on the rear wrack for starting it on the line. It held just enough alcohol fuel for 1 pass. Bald sand tires in the front on a swing-arm suspension and a single skid wheelie bar on the back.
This was an amazing build for 1985!!! 🤔 He'd run it up to about 11K, drop the clutch and shoot roostertails of dirt all the way down the strip....and do it in 2.90 seconds. o_O Sand drags are 300 ft. or 100 yards....so, he was traveling approx. 100 ft./per second. Incredible to watch him "zip" by on a pass! 👍:sneaky:



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I've always wanted to own a Toyota Tacoma, crew cab in 4x4. :cool:
Toyota trucks wear like tanks and have unbelievable resale value! 💯 You can't buy one with less than 100K and $11K asking price. o_O

If you can find one for 11k thats cheap. Out here you dont see a 4wd one with a clean title for less that 17k. It spenda a lot of time off road and i have not had to fix anything other than normal wear and tear items. I think the 4.0L tacoma is the best of the three gens. Renctly i replaced my back seat area with a molle panel and a storage system i built.
I totally believe you, on the pricing. I've not even bothered to look around, in 5+ years, because I was getting close to retirement and didn't want another high payment. I have 2 Gen 4 (2012-2016) Honda CRVs that does good, for my usage....and it's paid off. 👍 Mine is a '13 and my wife's a '15. Her's has the CTV tranny and factory modified/improved suspension, but with the same 2.4L engine and it will "haul ass" over mine and it rides like a Pilot. :sneaky:
If I was in the market for a Tacoma and couldn't find a crew cab, the extra cab would be my next choice. :cool:


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Biggest thing with any vehicle is head room... Esp. when wearing a hat... I'm 6'3" and Sat in my friends Tacoma and head was touching roof....


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Walbridge oh
Yeah those big blocks were at the gas station s lot lol. Had it at Racine gun club for sight in day the weekend before gun season. Talk about a good time! Those boys knew how to make cider lol!
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