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Veterans of TOO.COM


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NW Ohio
Hand to hand combat was a blast too. Pugil sticks. Buttstroke to the head. Affix bayonet. Low crawl under live fire at night with the tracers buzzing overhead. Yeah. Think I still have scars from the Fort Leonard Wood rocks from some of these adventures.

Yesterday I sneezed and thought I pulled a muscle. I'm not 18 anymore. 😢


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SW Ohio
Fuck the mother fucking VA! When I was in alaska they took great pride in the system and the veterans. It was the number 1 VA in the country. Every one I've been in in Ohio has sucked. It's a damn shame you can't get good health care here without paying out of pocket. 😡😡😡
About every veteran I worked with had negative things to say about the VA in Cincy. SAD that after you all serving our country can’t get top quality treatment and respect y’all deserve.

Josh carpenter

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Just read Sarah Cavanaugh plead guilty to all kinds of stolen valor ,she worked at a Va clinic falsified documents claimed to be injured in an ied attack , wore ribbons and uniform , never served getting 6 years in prison and pay back money , she uses the system to beat out a double amputee for art therapy classes and got a month off work , glad she got caught , never hit a woman but damn