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Wanted to take a moment..


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...and say thanks.. Thanks for all of yall.. Without great members, this would be just a waste of electricity..

This site started as more or less a phone conversation between two friends... Two guys who had been on forums a while, seen people come and go, watched members express some of the same likes and dislikes.. Many of us have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly on forums across the net. Unknowingly before this all started, each of you played a huge role in the operating philosophy that is now TOO... Not just on one site, but across the net we saw an atmosphere where members were being jammed into conformity, hobbled, and moderated.. Why? Simply put, money.. Advertisers and sponsors don't like to have an ad somewhere there might be an off colored joke, a venting member, or somebody dropped the dreaded F-bomb. They want you to buy their product, but by the way, check your personality at the door... We'll, we simply got sick of it.. MEMBERS are the single most important part to a forum, and it's the members you better listen to. Because without them, a site isn't anything but a blog with an owner posting content.

We set out with a simple philosophy... A virtual deer camp.. A place where members can come to talk about hunting, fishing, complain about their women, and sometimes tell an off color joke. After all, what's a deer camp if you have to mind your Ps and Qs. We don't moderate what people say or do short of porn in the public forum, . But hey, if that's your thing.. We'll hell, we have a private forum for that too.. Just ask to join it...

Never did I think it would take off as well as it has. Most forums this time of year are slowing down as seasonal hunting members post less, In February we saw a slight lull.. But March is off to a bang.. You guys are heading into the turn after Deer and before turkey season at full throttle. While I have no doubts things will slow down some in the coming months, there isn't any real sign of it yet. To me, this can only mean one thing. Everyone must be doing something right..

So to all of you Toozers... Thanks... To our Social Media Admins whose volunteer task it is to promote the site, great job! But first and foremost, Thank you membership! Without you guys posting content. This wouldn't be a hill of beans.. I'm no forum guru. I knew nothing about this forum software or web hosting before we started out. I've personally put thousands of hours into making this a place you guys might like.. There have been some bumps in the road, some up time issues, and some bugs.. But don't worry, we'll get them worked out, i just ask for a little patience. And to that also, you guys have been awesome..

Once again THANKS! :)


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
No, thank you! You gave us a place to hang out and play. You are the man, well you and everyone else that started and keeps TOO alive and well.

Once again, thanks.


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Gods Country
I say thanks to you and Jesse. With out this place most of us would still be you know where dealing with you know what. Thanks again for a great place to call home.


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Hudson, OH
Nothing the other guys haven't said...thanks Joe and Jesse for investing into TOO and getting this off the ground. Thanks to those behind the scene and to all the members for making TOO what it is today!


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"...and sit right there so I can tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air." ;) rotflmao :D

I was about to post something along these very same lines, but hit the F5 button to refresh this forum before I did. Good thing I did otherwise we'd have to sappy posts going at the same time!!! ;)

Joe hit the nail on the head, so I don't know that I need to do anything more than say "Thanks" from me as well!!! :smiley_cheers:

Little did I know when Joe and I started talking about making our own forum, that it would take off like it has. The concept of creating a forum where quality information could be exchanged between quality individuals without the conformity we'd been forced into other places, seemed simple enough at the time. Over the past few months, I've seen that not only was it a simple idea, but it was one that would foster the creation of the best virtual deer camp on the net! Without you all, it would have just been another idea. TOO was designed to be all about the members and you guys have taken the torch and ran with it. Great work fellas!!!


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Thank you, guys! I hit refresh on my phone way TOO much. I'm constantly checking in on everyone. This site is one of the places I rely on to escape for awhile, share some laughs, read successes and failures, and confide in a bunch of great guys.

Joe and Jesse, you guys have created a helluva place. And Huck? Thanks for directing me to this place.
I remember when I got a PM from Huck at OS and was wondering what this site was. Man, am I glad I checked it out.

Now where's dem damn truck stickers?!?!?

Huckleberry Finn

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And Huck? Thanks for directing me to this place.
I remember when I got a PM from Huck at OS and was wondering what this site was. Man, am I glad I checked it out.

Hahaha, funny thing is that I didn't even know you that well then!

Joe and Jesse - I love you guys TOO!


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Thanks Joe and Jesse, for keeping shit groovy... Although this site is young, I think you both capatilized on any other outdoor forum that may exsist. There's alot more elements in this site that will keep one coming back.



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Somewhere OHIO
You guys are welcome.

I TOO have to thank Joe and Jesse for this site. It might be true that it is the members that build content and drive a site but without you TOO giving us a place to do so it wouldn't mean squat. Thank you for putting out the money and hard work and dedication for getting this site up and all the hard work behind the scene that many don't know about. I have been lucky enough to be added as a MOD and have gotten a small taste of what you do Joe and I appreciate the hard work and dedication you have for the site to keep the nuts and bolts together.

Members of the site. You all fuckin rock !!!!

You all are the greatest group of outdoorsman the state of Ohio (also Florida and the country of Japan) has to offer and I'm glad to know and share stories with each and everyone of you. Keep up the great work in the outdoors and keep bringing back the stories, pictures, and memories for the rest of us to enjoy right along with you.

TOOser till the end !!!!!


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Wood Co.
Thanks guys. This has been a great place for me to learn and meet some great people.


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NW Ohio
All I can say is this is my "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. Great thing about this playground is there is a bar stool for as many people that want to join.