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Well Boys.

Some of you know but i wanted to make it public knowledge now that it's close to closing. The wife and I close on a home in Ocean Springs Mississippi next week. Right down on the coast near Biloxi. We'll be rolling out of Ohio on Wednesday night. Don't think you guys are going to hear or see any less of me though, i already have a flight back for Strouds and a lifetime Ohio hunting license. 😂 Theres gonna be a "Live from Mississippi" thread here soon! Give me a bit to figure out the fishing and hog hunting and we may have a new TOO event!

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Good for you Jack....enjoy your time!!!!
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Huron County, OH
Another traitor in our midst!!

Super happy for you guys and wishing you safe travels, moving memories you never forget, and a lifetime of memories made at the new place. I'm also looking forward to coming down to sees ya in the middle of Feb or Mar. when the spiders and other poisonous bitches go to sleep......
they do do that right?

Pitter patter, lets get at er!


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Wishing you the Best of Luck and Good Fortune in your move.... Hope everything works out for ya and you find everything your looking for...
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Thanks everyone. I can't wait to start sharing pics and videos of the outdoor adventures.

@5Cent Well bud I can't make any promises there. The average high in January is 64 with a low of 48. You'll still find some snakes on warm days. Here's a list of them in the state. I had to cut some off as they didn't all fit on the screen. All but about 10 of them are nonvenomous though.