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What's For Dinner?


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Sunbury, OH
Ok, here is the secret coffee rub...best on steaks. Also, a good sear is needed best over charcoal or wood fire.

TBSP of coffee
TBSP of chili powder
TBSP of paprika
TBSP of brown sugar
3 TBSP of salt
2 TSP of onion powder
TSP of black pepper

I'm gonna have to try that on my beef ribs tonight !
Unless you sear them I'd pass. That coffee needs a sear for the right taste.


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Sunbury, OH
Beener, you turning them when they stop sticking or just timing them?
I use an insert in my kettle which has a hot spot (funneled heat). 30 seconds, flip. 30 seconds, flip and turn. 30 seconds flip and turn.

About 4-6 minutes on the indirect side or an internal temp of 130 or should feel like pushing on the meaty part of the thumb.

Let rest 5 minutes.

I hardly do any full on grilled steaks. Most are cooked Sous Vide now. Stupid good and stupid easy.
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Columbiana County
Lemon panko crusted walleye, saugeye, crappie, bluegill with Chanterelle Tart (fillo dough crust, ricotta/smoked parmesan cheese filling and sautéed mushrooms deglazed with dry white wine on top) fresh tomato from garden. Tito's and tonic to warsh it down.

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Why is my mouth watering???? Damn that looks good!!!
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