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What's For Dinner?

mike hunt

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Fish fry today for 30 or so folks but I didn't get pictures until the first pan of catfish was almost gone. Still a good time and a great meal. Fried catfish, fried gar, homemade remoulade, homemade tartar sauce, slaw, chicken tenders, corn on the cob, blackberry cobbler and apple cobbler. Some of our guest brought a homemade banana pudding and chocolate cake to boot. Also had some top notch help rounding up fish for the cooking!!!View attachment 130486View attachment 130487View attachment 130488View attachment 130489
That looks awesome, no Okra?
Butterflied backstrap on the grill with field peas and a hotdog for the 4th. Finished out the evening with a magnificent fireworks show on the lake.


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This is a tasty treat ! I saw it on Tik Tok & gave it a try today. I haven't used my gas smoker in probably ten years & I regret it. Anyway, I took a block of cream cheese, applied olive oil & a rub & seasonings. 200-300 degrees for 3 hrs or so. I put some cocktail sauce or hot pepper mustard on for something extra.....

Next time I'll use jalapeno cream cheese.
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ribs and shrooms. just for shits and giggles I threw a couple oysters and a few Chants on the grill while I sauced and finished the ribs. grilled/smoked oyster mushrooms are really good. Chants needed to cook longer, and I'll try that again later. Chanterelles sauteed in evoo and butter, finished with some fresh chives is tough to beat, though.