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What's For Dinner?


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In a bar
I got caught up in a storm so I pulled into Bob Evans. I'm a breakfast fan but the honey butter biscuit chicken looked good. So I ordered it just like the picture with the mashed tators and corn. I was impressed. I'm not a big chicken fan or sweet fan, but this was pretty good. At only a dollar more than a burger and fries...


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Licking Co.
this is a pretty long streak of good eats going here. nice work home chefs. (y)

found some nice Pheasant backs today, one really big one that by all indications was still gonna be good to eat. I was already planning to go full hillbilly and have fried boneless squirrel, mashed potatoes, Ramp Chanterelle gravy and sauteed fiddleheads. I improvised a little and sauteed some thinly sliced Pheasant Backs with the fiddleheads since I had some. I realized after the fact that I had goofed with the Pheasant Backs. The fiddleheads and mushrooms were competing a little too much to be really good together. I scooped up some mushrooms and some fried squirrel and shoved them in my mouth together on a whim. A match made in heaven. So, do not sautee your Pheasant Backs with fiddleheads, cook them with, or add them to your boneless fried squirrel.:geek:


I did go to the trouble of cooking a small amount of the big one to see if it was going to be edible, and it was, surprisingly, just fine. Left over fried squirrel is gonna be tossed with some sauteed Pheasant Backs for lunch tomorrow.