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What's For Dinner?


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More perch along w/ macaroni salad. I also made a dipping sauce ......




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We smoked a butt on Sunday.

Last night we tried crunch wraps again, this time with smoked pulled pork. We're figuring this thing out, these were KILLER. Mine was slightly over-fried in the pan, but still turned out deleicious.

Smoked pork, lettuce, fresh cilantro, guac, and green chili salsa went into mine. My wife added cheese to hers.



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before I mowed today, I cut all of the milkweed shoots growing in the middle of the yard and the first stalks of asparagus of the year from our patch. we had plans to eat a big salad of leftover leaf lettuce, spinach, dandelion greens, wild violets and chickweed from Mother's Day along with some sauteed shrimp. I had an epiphany while washing the milkweed and asparagus. the rest of the weeds will have to wait another day. I concocted a sort of shrimp scampi with sauteed milkweed shoots, asparagus, some minced garlic, the juice of one small lemon and some leftover spaghetti. creative cooking is the most joyous and risky way to do it, but sometimes the payoff is big, and today it was delightfully huge. hard to describe how nicely these things all played together on our palates. home run on a lucky swing.




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Venison barbacoa from my buck. My neighbor prepared it. This is a great way to utilize a shoulder.View attachment 152122View attachment 152123View attachment 152124View attachment 152125View attachment 152126
Looks awesome. I have done very similar with smoking the whole shoulder. Turns out great. I cook it very similar to a pork butt. Low and slow until 165° wrap it in foil with a little butter and apple juice. Cook until 201-203. Let it rest an hour and shred.


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Smoking up some pork butts.
View attachment 152290
I reserve the juice and incorporate a good portion back into it when pulling.

View attachment 152291

Using that fine Ohio wild cherry in the stick box. Such a great smoke.
cherry is my absolute favorite for pork shoulder, ribs and yardbirds. I have come to prefer a combination of 50/50 oak and cherry for brisket. cherry is highly underrated smoke wood, imo.