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What's good TOO?

Well, I guess this is good, could’ve been worse. Someone broke a window to my buddies camp. They ransacked the place but didn’t destroy anything. They took the propane wall heater from the camp. There was money (change but a lot of it) that they left alone. They opened every cabinet and closet but took nothing else. He left the garage unlocked and they took the other wall heater and all of his tools. They left a brand new riding mower and a big full propane tank. They were very picky with what they took....tools and two heaters...nothing else. At least they didn’t trash the place. AND they locked the garage when they left.



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NW Ohio
Fantastic pics and memories twireman.

Happy 6-0 J!

Been a long weekend for me. Today was Blessing of the Bikes. 1100 bikes rolled thru. I went thru mid pack. Drove a mile down the road where we meet up. Decided to skip going out to lunch. Went home. Jumped on the other bike. Still had to wait to go thru the line again. Beautiful day. Concluded with work at Mom's. Mowing my lawn and hers. Dinner. Aerate my lawn. Overseed my lawn. Ready to crash.


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SW Ohio
Happy birthday J! Good stuff Twireman, kids and ponds are great memories for sure! Sounds like a great fulfilling weekend for you TOO Phil.
Sorry to hear about your buddies camp SF, criminals and other POS just piss me off.😡
Hope they don’t come back but seeing the other stuff they left behind they just might😡😐