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What's good TOO?


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NW Ohio
My kids are awesome. Son and daughter had their homecoming tonight. They clean up pretty good. Last one for our daughter who is a senior. First one for our sophomore son. . . With a date. Last year the freshman boys had more of a "bro squad". 😁

I know some of you saw FB pics. There are some hilarious pics in there. You could tell Garrett and their crew had a blast. A bit different for Graci. She has a boyfriend and group of senior friends enjoying their last homecoming dance. They had fun. Just different with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Been a great 4 years of the parents watching these kids get together and clean up. Both our kids have fantastic friend groups which is a true blessing.



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Hanging out with the granddaughters Ariana and Jaslynn last friday at the fair.
Amazing how fast they are growing up,the pics are up on Mt Pleasant above the fairgrounds.
That is a 3 yr jump on the pics of them.
Looking forward to this Saturday afternoon as it will be Ariana's first deer hunt with me...she is really excited as am i.
Ariana is the tree climber in the pic.



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Davie County, NC
Finally cashed in on our guided pheasant hunt we won at the Sportsman’s Alliance banquet back in March. We had a great time working with Tim and Brian and their GSPs Gertrude and Piper. Thanks to @Curran for making us aware of these events, always a good time for a good cause. View attachment 89583 View attachment 89584 View attachment 89585 View attachment 89586 View attachment 89587
Good stuff, Issac... Glad you had a good time and some pheasant meat too boot...