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What's good TOO?

They din't feed crap except the ethanol market. Some 45% of US corn is used for ethanol. The rest is all exported to China, Canada, and Mexico for industrial uses. Around 35% of the waste product from ethanol is fed to livestock as it's an easy way to get rid of it.
Sooooo, you’re saying fuck oxygen and fuck the farmers?😂😂
Well last night and today put a smile on my face. My daughter got a bow for Christmas about 3-4 years ago as she had mentioned wanting to start shooting again back then. We got as far as putting a string loop on it and had a peep sight temporarily wired in to do some final setting before I tied it in. She shot it a couple times back then but then it sat in the case until yesterday. Last night on her way to bed she tells me that she has her bow in her car and was going to take it to the bow shop to have them tie the peep in place. I was dumbfounded. I really had thought she was going to stick it in the garage sale stuff as I believed she had lost complete interest in shooting. So after getting her tips on her arrows and making sure she had her release with her she went to the hospital for her clinical (nursing school) and then went to the bow shop. They lined her up, adjusted her bow to fit her correctly and tied in the peep at no charge. Just a few minutes ago she sends me a pic of her group saying she shot from 10 to 30 and was hitting a little to the right. Said she wanted to have something like that to do to get her mind off of studying now and then. She seems stoked to be doing it again and that she really had fun! Damn I feel like crying LOL!!
My last post in here was being excited that my daughter got her bow ready and started shooting for the first time in years. Well Saturday was my new highlight. Around lunchtime I mentioned I was going to go out to shoot some. Said to my wife if she wanted I could get her bow out if she wanted to join me. After many years of not shooting it, much longer than Jenna, she said ok. So I get her bow out and pretty soon we are shooting together. Next thing I know here comes my son Allen to see what we were up to. Jenna wasn’t far behind him with her bow. Allen hadn’t shot a bow since he was maybe 8-9 years old and he’s 15 now. Never had interest in it other than a few minutes here and there back then. Sure enough he wants to try Jenna’s bow. Then he tries my wife’s bow and eventually mine with a little help. All 4 of us were there taking shots and I was on cloud 9! Later that evening I decided to go back out and shoot a few more times. Allen grabs my wife’s bow and follows me out without question. Suddenly he’s stoked to start shooting and asking all kinds of questions about bowhunting and maybe not using the crossbow this year?!??! Sunday after we got done working on the garage roof he asks if we can shoot for a while. LMAO no way would I say no! We probably would have kept shooting for over an hour if the rain hadn’t come in to spoil it all. All these years of just asking if he wanted to shoot and him looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language, LOL!



Isn’t this where some say “Life is Good!” ?!
You thought the seed you planted years ago had rotted. Nope. Just took longer to germinate. Glad you are enjoying the fruits now.
You nailed it Phil. I was always glad the kids enjoyed hunting and even my wife Terry over the years. I was absolutely ate up with archery when I was a kid and I always thought they would catch the same bug, especially if we did it as a family. Heck I'd tie out balloons, let them shoot from their play set (had an elevated house on it), set up targets all over the yard, etc.. They'd shoot that day but then any time I asked if someone wanted to join me they'd turn me down. Thought maybe they didn't like wasting all the time and straining to haul out the big bale target I had from the barn so last year I bought that Morrell outdoor target and made a stand for it and encouraged them to give it a try. Was only me shooting into it til the last couple weeks. As I was leaving this morning to head to work I mentioned to Allen that he could shoot the target any time he wanted to after school. His response was he was already thinking about shooting for a bit when he got home LOL! I said I probably would shoot tonight when I got home and he said he would probably shoot both times :cool: